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Google Adwords 101 Refresher

Looking to increase sales? Or raise awareness? Google AdWords 101 is the training class that will establish all the necessary AdWords fundamentals to be successful. Receive hands-on, real world experience building your first campaign. Discover how to find keywords, write ads, and set up goals to track the success of your AdWords campaigns.
Learn from trainers who are not only certified instructors, but also practitioners with years of experience.

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You will learn:

  • Overview of Google AdWords
  • Tracking goals
  • Building campaigns
  • Keyword research
  • Setting bids
  • Ad writing
  • Landing page selection

Who should attend:

The refresher courses is perfect for people who have already attended an offline class and want to brush up on the material. It is for people who don't yet have the time to commit to a day or week of training and want to begin their path to market smarter. This course is geared towards:

  • Marketers looking for an update on AdWords
  • Analysts to understand where traffic comes from
  • Marketing minded business managers


  • A basic knowledge of Google Adwords
  • Taking the CPTA AW101 course at some point is recommended but not required
  • Participants should have access to a Google Adwords account of their own