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Intro to Bing Advertising:
Expand Your SEM Efforts with Bing Ads

Join Cardinal Path as we showcase how to drive your digital marketing dollar even further with expansion of efforts onto the Bing Ads paid-search platform. Through hands-on workshops, demos, and best practice sharing we'll explore the incredible ROI that is obtainable when you begin driving traffic through the Bing and Yahoo search engines.

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You will learn:

  • Overview of platform
  • Why expanding to Bing Ads can drive both higher conversion rates and better ROI
  • Strategic expansion: using what works
  • Structure and campaign creation
  • Optimizing for the Bing Ads platform

Who should attend:

This course is geared towards SEM professionals and those less familiar with the Bing Ads platform including the following:

  • Account managers and optimizers
  • Strategists and group managers looking to better understand the true potential value of expanding SEM platforms


  • A basic knowledge of search engine marketing fundamentals is recommended
  • Participants should be prepared for hands-on exercises
  • Participants should have access to a Bing Ads account of their own